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The Benefits of Pain Management in Yoga

Many people turn to yoga as a way to lower stress levels while unaware of the positive effects a yoga practice can have on both acute and chronic pain. Stress causes muscles to spasm, which is a common contributor to pain. Improving stress levels has been proven to alleviate pain as well. The physical practice of yoga relieves muscle tightness while promoting strength and flexibility, allowing individuals to better manage their daily pain.

Yoga also encourages proper anatomical alignment and movement patterns, which is a source of pain for many chronic pain sufferers. Learning proper form can be very helpful in managing conditions such as back pain and degenerative arthritis.

Aside from the physical components of yoga, regular practice has been shown to improve sleeping and breathing patterns. Poor sleep can worsen pain and is thought to be a major contributor to many pain conditions. Additionally, breathing techniques can be a great way to relax the nervous system and shift the balance to the parasympathetic side. The relaxing effects of these breathing methods allow individuals to mentally manage their pain.

Even the simplest yoga techniques can make a difference both mentally and physically in a life ruled by pain. Go to to locate a yoga studio near you.