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Food For Thought

A healthy diet is good for so many things, and specific foods can even be attributed to helping ease pain.

Here are five foods that can help manage chronic pain:

Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids – compounds that improve blood flow and help reduce inflammation associated with pain. Omega-3s can also be taken as supplements for a more full effect, including cardiovascular protection.

Garlic does more than ward off vampires. It’s naturally low in calories and perfect for a flavor boost in salads and main dishes. Garlic also has properties that could help prevent aching in your joints.

Olive Oil works wonders when it comes to fighting pain. The antioxidant effects of olive polyphenols help reduce inflammation in joints and aid in vitality. Use sensibly, as olive oil does contain 120 calories per tablespoon.

Cherries contain powerful antioxidants that block inflammation and prevent pain enzymes. It’s best to go for tart cherries if you are looking to curb muscle pain or arthritis. Cherries have also been attributed to relieving gout.

Ginger is traditionally thought of as a natural remedy to nausea. While this is true, ginger can also offer relief from migraines, muscle pain and arthritis. Try steeping ginger in your tea or grating it into a smoothie.