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A Big Picture Look at Spinal Disorders

Collectively, degenerative spinal disorders are the single most common reason individuals seek medical treatment around the globe. Low back pain alone has an enormous economic impact; total costs in the United States exceed $100 billion per year. Two-thirds of this impact is a result of lost wages and reduced productivity.

Degenerative spinal conditions including spinal stenosis, musculoskeletal deconditioning, degenerative disc disease, radiculopathy, low back pain and neck pain are ubiquitous. Eight out of 10 individuals will experience an episode of spinal pain severe enough for them to seek medical treatment during their lifetime, and in a day and age where people are living longer, more active lives, the prevalence of these problems is only expected to increase.

For these reasons, pain management is a rapidly evolving field. PainMD clinicians remain at the forefront and maintain comprehensive treatment algorithms. These algorithms are the key to providing patients with the best treatment possible.