Chronic pain examination by board certified pain treatment specialist

Physician-Led, Comprehensive Pain Care

Chronic pain can strike anyone, at any time, for any number of reasons. Its impact may range from mildly debilitating to devastating. At PainMD, we understand that treatments for chronic pain are rapidly evolving, and the key to providing patients with the best treatment possible is a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach.

Most patients require some combination of medical and procedural treatment to achieve optimal results. We have learned that virtually all pain has an anatomic basis and, at PainMD, we are committed to identifying the cause or causes of pain in every patient we treat. This goal can be achieved through an accurate history, focused physical examination and both invasive and noninvasive testing in over 95% of patients suffering with chronic pain.

Many patients have more than one source of pain. At times, physicians not specifically educated in pain are unable to correctly diagnose the source due to lack of experience or knowledge. In our experience, this is often why effective treatment for many people’s pain eludes discovery–it requires extensive knowledge of the anatomy of potentially painful joints and muscles, adequate time spent with the patient by the provider and frequent assistance of a highly skilled and capable interventionalist. As a center of excellence, we at PainMD strive to assemble a team of pain “superclinicians” to effectively diagnose and treat chronic pain and to restore the best quality of life possible to our patients.

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